Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lust at First Sight

Throughout my dating life I have learned something about every man and woman when it comes to finding someone to go out with. We are all attracted to what is on the outside first. It is the first thing every person judges about another person. You always think a person is good looking... tall... short... fat.... pretty... take your pick. But have you ever heard someone say, "that person looks like they have a good personality." We are very visual creautures. Many people may think they don't do this but we all do. Its really the only thing we have to go on before we ever meet that person is the way they look... personality will always come second. So everyone should remember to always look your best cause you never know who could be just waiting for you that day. Just my opinion...
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Best So Far

Wow it has been awhile since I last wrote... dealing with the new job and all lol.
I have decided to pick my top 5 movies so far this year, before the summer movies actually start. So everything before this weekend is fair game. Keep in mind... I have not seen every movie that has been out this week and completely my opinion. So here we go:

5. Hot Tub Time Machine

The Losers

3. How to Train Your Dragon

Book of Eli

Kick Ass

And of course the movies to watch out for this summer:

- Iron Man 2 (May 7th)
- Shrek 4 Ever After (May 21st)
- The A-Team (June 11th)
- Toy Story 3 (June 18th)
- Grown Ups (June 25th)
- I Love You Phillip Morris (July 30th)
- Little Fockers (July 30th)
- The Other Guys (August 6th)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Foreigners in Retail

Is it just me, but since I have worked in retail most of my life I feel bad for many retail associates out there. There is like this unspoken bond that you know what they go through, so you want to be nice and help them out. For example: my friend Katie and I were at the mall, where she was returning something, and these foreigners were going through these shoes on a rack (making a real mess of things). They then started to "haggle" the price over the shoes.. which I will touch on in just a few moments. The employee said that those were the prices and that was that. Then they started speaking a different language (which was unverified) and left the shoes thrown about. At this time my friend and I started to put back the shoes that were messed up. We felt bad over what they had done to the employees display, because we too know how it feels when this type of customer makes an appearence.

Let us go back to "haggling"... why would someone even try to haggle at a retail place? It's not like the retail associate can make up a price, they just sell the stuff and clean up after customers. As my friend Katie says, "it's not a flea market." But the best part is that the foreigner customer gets pissed that they can't get it for a cheaper price. Which again brings me to my next point! The whole reason why these foreigners are here to shop is because it is cheaper here than it is in wherever else they are from. So we are already beating your price and you have the nerve to ask for even more off?! I doubt they do this shit in their own country.

But yea, if you have ever worked in retail and you even pick up a product to check it out... please put it back where it belongs (like where you found it lol). You know how it feels to pick up after an idiot customer. To my retail bretherin.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Women and their Vampires

I'm really trying to figure out why this whole Twilight phenom has been going on. The book and movies are of course aimed towards women and not towards men... well maybe lol. I have never seen a single man with that book in their hand. If they do it's probably hidden in the bowels of their dark closets. Not many peopel know this, but this book is actually written by a Mormon women... which I thought was interesting.

Since I haven't read a single page of the books I won't give my opinion on it... but I will give my opinion on the movie, which at least I have seen parts. First off the characters really aren't in love... it's just lust. Which in my opinion think that all of the three main characters (Jacob, Edward and Bella). I think they are all girlie men: Edward and Jacob. So all in all I guess it's about three lesbians I guess lol. Of course this is what girls these days think is "hot" and if this is the case... men are in deep shit.

People also tend to forget who Edward Cullen is... his real name is Robert Pattinson. Which people tend to forget that he first was Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

But for the movie, it is a PG-13 movie, there is no sex and basically no blood. It's a vampire movie people!! Where the hell is Blade!?!? Someone call Wesley Snipes, he's finally out of prison lol.

And now in my opinion why girls love this whole Twilight thing. It's probably because it has to do with vampires... like Trueblood which has also been a big hit on television. I think it has to do with a woman's menstrual cycle which compells them to be attracted to a story of a creature basing it's whole life on blood.

Us men will never understand and the sooner that men realize that we can't we can all move on with our lives.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The IPhone

The IPhone has become this disease to all cellphone users. The IPhone changes people by making them think they are better than everybody else. Here's a person who first gets an IPhone... they conveniantly take out the phone (if you'd call it that) and just start playing with it (even if they are around friends). There's no reason for the IPhone user to take it out... they just want to show it off. The IPhone is made by the devil himself!

One day in the near future all IPhones will activate a secret application hidden deep inside its programming. Once the application is activated it starts to control the owner of the IPhone, making most of the Earth's population computer zombies. The Earth's most powerful leaders of the world will then be controlled and made to destroy each other causing a nuclear war, leaving very few alive. For the few that still live will then be hunted by the computer zombies. Until there is no one left.

Beware current and future IPhone users!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My First Opinion

I hope my friend is happy now, I'm finally starting this blog lol.

I wanted to start with a movie that I recently just watched... again, after years and years. The movie is called "The Wizard", made back in 1989. It's a bout a boy who was amazing at videogames and runs away with his brother (Fred Savage lol) and this girl to Los Angeles to enter this videogame tournament to win $50,000. The whole movie was funded basically by Nintendo. Mind you this is back in 1989... so watching the videogames that they were playing were highly entertaining... especially when the final game they have to play to win the money was stated as a "brand new game". The was Super Mario 3... lol. Back in the day that game was the best! But looking at the game now it makes me laugh. Videogames have come so far... especially the power glove (look it up lol).

Another movie that I will be writing about is "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". It's always fun to watch Disney movies when you get older to disect it and see all the inuendos that you didn't catch when you were younger. I know that this movie was made back in 1937, but still. This movie is full of sexism for both men and women. The male dwarves were portrayed as messy, worked all the time, unclean, and didn't know how to cook. Snow White was a woman who just sang all day, cooked, and cleaned. Oh and the only dream she had was to find a man lol. The prince didn't really even know the woman... just that she looked good and had a good voice. There was even a point where Grumpy says, "Women, you give them an inch and they take the whole thing." Well said Grumpy lol jk.

Finally a videogame that I played with my friend Katie yesterday, Mario Kart 64. I remember back in the day I always was in first place, I was so good that nobody wanted to play with me due to it "not being fair". But yesterday I got my ass handed to me lol. I have been spoiled by new videogames that I'm forgetting the classics tsk tsk. I will be getting a rematch with her in the future to regain my confidence lol.

This blog will be used to review, give my opinion, or just state some funny observations on either movies, videogames, and even books. I will probably even talk about what happens in my life... who knows lol.